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  Name a Star And Sleep Under It Every Night!   Photobucket


Name A Star Posters


 You can now sleep under your special star every night!!

If you have recently named a star for your loved one, then please send me the SAO number of your named star.

This information is used to paint your star poster that will appear...


 Invisible by day...But magical by night!


Your poster will feature shooting stars that surround your named star,  the main stars of the constellation that your star appears in, and 

thousands  of minor stars that will twinkle and glow all night long! 


Your poster will measure 25" x 17.5", fully laminated and very lightweight so that it can easily be attached to the ceiling or wall. Easily recharged every day by natural sunlight or standard electric lighting, your poster will last for many years to come. Full instructions included.


This is the perfect gift for any child that has problems settling into bed at night or is scared of the dark!

    You will also receive a fully laminated certificate, so you have a complete gift set that will be cherished and adored for years. 



Please state your SAO number in your paypal payment, or email me immediately after ordering.

If you only require a laminated certificate, please click here. View full range of stargazing artwork at  www.paintmystars.com

 The special price for your name a star poster and certificate is



Worldwide P&P Costs are $9.00

Order your star poster and pay securely with Paypal, not forgetting to tell me your  SAO number.

All posters are hand-painted and sent from the UK, 

so please allow 7-10 days for delivery.