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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#52254 - Apollo
Apollo is the Greek god of music,truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, beauty, poetry, and more.
2019-03-23 Jack Stephenson View Star Information
SAO#52733 - Anvi Rockkks
To my best friend who shines bright as this star...
2019-03-17 Anvi View Star Information
SAO#38135 - Lidia
Te quiero <3
2018-04-14 Iñigo Iriarte View Star Information
SAO#244290 - Thayane Marcelli Neumann Zonatto
É o mínimo de brilho que vocÊ merece!
2015-06-13 Ramon Ferreira View Star Information
SAO#146514 - D-Star
You are the brightest star! You are strong, confident, kind, loyal and honest. YOU are one of a kind!!
2019-03-07 Ida View Star Information
SAO#107956 - Helena
This one is unique, just like you. It shines just for you. To lighten your path, it's your star guide trough the life
2019-03-11 Yours, double trouble. View Star Information
SAO#71520 - Giedre Maya
A Star is Born
2019-02-11 Agne ir Tautvydas View Star Information
SAO#137754 - Eric scroggins
I love u
2019-02-25 Ashlie Lichtenwalner View Star Information
SAO#183240 - Ashlie scroggins
Love us
2019-02-25 Ashlie Lichtenwalner View Star Information
SAO#69529 - seemabisht23
Dedicated to love, life and motivation to reach further than the sky
2019-02-23 Seema Bisht View Star Information
SAO#165497 - Andrew
I love you so much babe
2019-02-14 MELISSA View Star Information
SAO#105507 - Louisestar
How lovely you shine
2019-02-12 Beautiful Louise View Star Information
SAO#101246 - Sloane Isabelle
You are as special as the stars!! Love Uncle Mason
2018-12-25 Sloane Isabelle View Star Information
SAO#158522 - ORNELLA
ORNELLA : “Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
2019-02-08 RONDELL SEENATH View Star Information
SAO#189270 - L'étoile d'Ema
Voilà, tu es assez grande maintenant pour avoir ta propre étoile, Ema. Occupe-toi bien d'elle et laisse-nous apprendre de toi ..
2019-02-07 Ema Dimitrova View Star Information
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