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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#196259 - Teodora Krustanova
For you
2019-05-25 Krischo View Star Information
SAO#149426 - Teodora Krustanova
For the most beautiful
2019-05-25 Krischo View Star Information
In the Milky Way Galaxy within the constellation of Gemini lies the incredible star "GLORIAJEANINI"! Dedicated to the one and only Gloria Jean Morgan Richards. Happy Birthday to you and your star!
2019-06-01 Derek Richards View Star Information
SAO#245814 - Prashanth Thota ( Prashnu +919652324960 )
This is my 1st star so i Dedicated my self .... self love is more important then anything .. jai sri raam
2019-05-19 Prashanth Thota View Star Information
SAO#122635 - Galexio
To Matthew, Shine brighter than a star!
2019-05-11 Matthew Alexander Zambrano View Star Information
SAO#183195 - Jerry Lee Senn
In Loving Memory Of Jerry Lee Senn Nov.2,1964 - Nov.26,2017
2019-05-02 Sherree Barrette View Star Information
SAO#220067 - Raymond Waldron Sr.
In loving memory of the best Dad, Pop, Great Grandpa and Great Great Grandpa Ever!
2019-05-12 Linda Simpson View Star Information
SAO#161825 - Ace
To the most amazing dad and husband on the planet. You are our shining star now and always. Forever loved, adored and cherished.
2019-04-11 Michelle Pierre View Star Information
SAO#161137 - Cynthia LaDawn Lee Pierre
To my twin, my princess you have the brightest future ahead of you and I'll be behind you every step of the way. Let this be a reminder to reach for the stars baby girl
2019-04-11 Michelle Pierre View Star Information
SAO#118116 - Diganta
2019-04-07 Diganta Das View Star Information
SAO#181363 - Etoile Ronnie
I will love you until the stars in the universe go out and the tides no longer turn!!!!!!! And may you always find happiness abundant as the stars in the night sky!
2019-03-25 Meghan (your girl always) View Star Information
SAO#130526 - Alanda
2019-03-31 Matheus Barbosa View Star Information
SAO#146282 - Rajaa Shahin
You are my guardian angel
2019-03-30 Rajaa Shahin View Star Information
SAO#52254 - Apollo
Apollo is the Greek god of music,truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, beauty, poetry, and more.
2019-03-23 Jack Stephenson View Star Information
SAO#52733 - Anvi Rockkks
To my best friend who shines bright as this star...
2019-03-17 Anvi View Star Information
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