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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#218956 - Forever
Wherever we are we will always have this star
2018-11-17 Erika G View Star Information
SAO#122576 - Shibu Pramanick
A "STAR" to shine only for you..forever,marking our friendship "Happy Birth Day
2018-12-01 Trisha View Star Information
SAO#110223 - Daisy
2018-11-15 Aqdas View Star Information
SAO#180227 - Maria Vazharova
beautiful tender bright and warm just like you
2018-11-21 Verzhy and Garry View Star Information
SAO#242907 - Qing Dong Xu
You are always the best!
2018-11-10 Charles Qing Dong Xu View Star Information
SAO#171070 - Chinie
When you canít look at the bright side ahead, we will stand in the dark with you. The darkest nights create the brightest star. Chinie, you are the only bright star in our hearts
2018-11-01 Truong Thai Phuong Trinh View Star Information
SAO#61772 - Princess Nataliia
Dear Nataliia, I have named this star for you so that forever more you beauty will be held in the sky's above. Like the brightest star in the night sky, I gaze upon you with loving eyes and heart and take you in to my soul. Love Peter
2018-10-30 Peter Heiniger View Star Information
SAO#160117 - Ruby Wedding
Dedicated to Liam and Jacqui on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.
2018-12-09 Wendy Ainsworth View Star Information
Happy Happy Birthday,Sweetheart!! Always remember,I'm on your team and I got your back...NO MATTER WHAT!! Love,SaVonne
2018-10-20 SaVonne View Star Information
2018-10-05 Bae JinYoung View Star Information
2018-10-14 HANNI View Star Information
SAO#118967 - julie's heart
to our perfect little girl
2008-09-20 julie white View Star Information
SAO#238607 - Mia Marie Pass
This is a star named after my Beautiful Little Girl Mia "Stop Growing So Fast" I love you to the Moon and Back Baby GIrl. You have saved me for the better part of my life and I thank you tremendously forever!
2018-10-09 Tara Marie Pass View Star Information
SAO#157493 - Scatty77
This is your gift. This star will shine for you. Thank you for being born. Love you - Lee Chan Hee..
1993-10-05 Lee Chan Hee View Star Information
SAO#127026 - Angie
This star shines for you! Happy birthday Angie!
2018-09-27 Angie View Star Information
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