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The Star's Recorded Name: Chinie
Your Name: Truong Thai Phuong Trinh
Your Dedication: When you canít look at the bright side ahead, we will stand in the dark with you. The darkest nights create the brightest star. Chinie, you are the only bright star in our hearts
SAO Star Number: 171070
Magnitude: 8.70

RA: 5H 57m 41.37s Declination: -20į 32m 20.98s

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Order a star poster showing your star in the night sky surrounded by shooting stars. Invisible by day...Incredible at night!!

Order a fully laminated gift certificate to complete the gift package!

Star Map Here is a preview of your star on Google Sky. Adjust the zoom control on the star image if it doesn't display the star. Your star is dead center:
Star Type: F5
Hemisphere: South
HOUSE: Gemini, the Twins

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