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  Name a Star And Sleep Under It Every Night!              Photobucket





Name a Star for free today, print the certificate and present it to your loved one as an eternal token of your affection.

Many websites charge $50 or more to name a star. You can name a star and register it with Painter of Dreams for 


Step 1... Register with Painter of Dreams

The first 2 stars that you name with the Painter of Dreams are COMPLETELY FREE!! We require you to register a verified email address. so that only you can edit your chosen star's dedication..



Step 2...Choose your stars!

Select the desired birthsign, hemisphere, brightness and temperature for your stars. Decide on the name and special dedication for your loved one....


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Step 3....View your special certificate!

View your special certificate in Pdf format, upgrade to Star Master and edit the banner and heading. Now your named star certificate is ready to print! 


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Step 4... Order a Stargazing poster of your Special star!    

 Invisible by day...Incredible by night! You can also order a fully laminated version of your certificate. The perfect gift package.....

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