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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#110352 - Vinhism
I'm a star
2018-07-08 Tran Trong Vinh View Star Information
SAO#95242 - Kevin & Dannette Richards
I want to give you the stars... and I want to love you forever!
2018-07-17 Kevin & Dannette View Star Information
SAO#176695 - Eleonora
...Jer ti si najsjajnija zvijezda...
2018-08-20 Eleonora Mandić View Star Information
SAO#47723 - My little pony
Mommy loves you
2018-06-24 Charlee Griess View Star Information
SAO#51971 - Face face
Gracie Marie
2018-06-24 Chelsea Griess View Star Information
SAO#111568 - Adwiti Bishwanath
Keep shining like this star.
2018-06-16 Ankit Jha View Star Information
SAO#147158 - Jimmy
2018-07-22 Andrei Bodarnea View Star Information
SAO#112402 - Graham Burns
Star named after you Graham in remembrance of your Birthday, A Bright Star which reminds us all of your wonderful smile, Your Memory will live on through out Our Heavenly Galaxy
2018-05-30 Graham Joseph Burns View Star Information
SAO#123875 - Evald&Kristi
Forever with you, Love You in Infinity !
2018-05-25 Evald, Kristi View Star Information
SAO#89873 - Ahlam & Khoubeib
u are my shining star just accept been my star and i ll be ur sky u are my Dreams & Dreams are just like stars i may never touch u again ... but i ll just follow u anyway & hopping this ll lead us to our destiny (Been with u ) I Love u & if every time i thought about you a star fell the sky would be empty .. Ahlam i m sry i wish i could be a better me for u ^^ I just wanna see ur shining smile..I wish u all the best
2018-05-27 khoubeib View Star Information
SAO#233045 - OuttathisworldMOOOOII
In a sky of stars ill always look for you
2018-05-22 Cindy Le Roux View Star Information
SAO#240820 - Nastya
This star is named after one of the most beautiful and intelligent woman i know , may she shine forever in my heart
2018-05-20 Rami Abou Khalil View Star Information
SAO#146655 - Ernest Altobelle
We love and miss you everyday Grandpa Ernie. Not a day has gone by that we don't think of you and Miss you. Love, Your Daughter, Grandkids and Great Grandkids
2018-05-12 Nicole Butler View Star Information
SAO#47671 - 11a/En4
Declan. Jamie. Marcus. Ethan. Harry. Tom. Edward. Jack. James. Joe. Caitlyn. Kelsey. Beth. Sophie. Mia. Leah. Rhiannon. Elise. Ellie MR COOK
2018-05-10 Laura Hutchins View Star Information
SAO#115944 - Mallory
Thank you for being a awesome mom we love you!! Love Mallory and James
2018-05-06 Lindsey View Star Information
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