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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#155679 - Darling Angel
I will never be behind in whatever you do. I will walk beside you to help you through!
2018-08-09 Amanda Pridgen View Star Information
SAO#6553 - Thanh Loc Duong
I wrote a letter to the star, it would not be brighter than you.
2018-08-10 Thanh Loc Duong View Star Information
SAO#33591 - Dandylan
In the darkest moment...you will always have light I Love You Crazy
2018-08-10 Holli Spencer View Star Information
SAO#68068 - Thanh Loc Duong
2018-08-05 Thanh Loc Duong View Star Information
SAO#117548 - Tri Trung Pham
This Star Will Be One Of The Biggest Stars In The Universe
2018-08-05 Tri Trung Pham View Star Information
SAO#99641 - Antonio Marin
I took my love for you and wrote it among the stars. Unapologetically, and absolute.
2018-08-05 Antonio Marin View Star Information
SAO#49574 - to my forever Happy anniversary my love. Happy 6th month ;***
baby, we been through up and down and u stuck by me no matter what. forgive me if i did something u dont like but just know im always gonna be here loving you always
2018-07-05 Grace Vanhinnisdael View Star Information
SAO#49608 - Grace Vanhinnisdael
Happy 6th months to my love of my life. Grace.. I love you so much.. This star represent my love for you and i cant wait to spend my forever with you.. we been through ups and down but know ill be here for you no matter what
2018-07-05 sam lorenzo View Star Information
SAO#132329 - ° Y A Z M I N °
Te regalo una estrella, la más brillante, la más bella para que sea tu luz donde estes y te sientas fuerte si acaso la ves.
2018-08-03 Daniel View Star Information
SAO#92313 - 朱一龙
2019-04-16 Chihiro Shine View Star Information
SAO#115812 - Madilyn Marie Chadwell
Twinkle, twinkle little star, up in heaven is where you are. Flying high & twinkling bright, my guiding star, my shining light. Twinkle, twinkle little star, my perfect angel...is who you are.
2018-07-19 Holly Poyser View Star Information
SAO#189063 - Eric Wimmer
just because I loveeee you!!! and this your the best and because you asked for one
2018-07-25 Deelyla Budris View Star Information
SAO#51278 - kenzie
Kenzie may not walk by your side but she will always watch over you .
2018-07-19 Angie xx View Star Information
SAO#167892 - DEELYLA
Dedication: For my AMAZING DAUGHTER, who I Love & Miss every day..
2018-07-21 Mysdi St. Peter View Star Information
Dedication: For the most amazing son EVER. You are so special to me, and you are so loving, kind, smart...PERFECT in EVERY WAY. THANK YOU for not ever giving up on your mom.. I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH...EVERYDAY...ALWAYS &FOREVER
2018-07-21 Mysdi j Smith View Star Information
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