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Recent Stars

Star Number, Name and Description Star Date Dedicated By Action
SAO#122155 - Ed Tormay
Ed, your place on the stage of our hearts will never be forgotten. Your spirit of love and caring will always live with us, a brilliant light on this earth, and in the heavens.
2018-09-02 Don & Jan Laurie View Star Information
SAO#113404 - Ric & Rich
2018-09-13 Thanh Binh Nguyen View Star Information
SAO#208994 - Cidrit
2018-09-12 Bryan Wade View Star Information
SAO#49693 - Snell Star
I love you Julie you are my star.
2018-09-06 allon platnico View Star Information
SAO#137538 - jokester
2018-09-04 jakob oster View Star Information
SAO#231038 - Sunshine
From your lovely flower, may our fate linger in the stars, just like ours.
2018-08-31 anastasia mora View Star Information
SAO#215404 - Kirk Aurelius
If there ever comes a day when you think of coming back to me, I will be there in a heartbeat. I know you'll be back for sure. I love you kirk.
2018-08-30 Stacia Natasha View Star Information
SAO#108257 - Jackie
2018-08-30 Kyson Alexander Chapman View Star Information
SAO#110007 - Aries
2018-08-30 Zachery Hoskins View Star Information
SAO#74013 - Oliver & Olivia
2018-08-30 Kirstin Vetter View Star Information
SAO#49633 - starling
2018-08-30 jakob oster View Star Information
SAO#60762 - Kayleigh's Comet
For all the times you look into the sky, for now you can think of me.
2018-08-01 Kayleigh Milam View Star Information
SAO#91435 - Blanche Arches
I took my love for you and wrote it among the star. Happy 8th monthsary to my love of my life. This star represent my love for you and I canít wait to spend my forever and eternity with you. We been through ups and downs but Iíll be here for you no matter what. I love you so much Blanche.
2018-08-29 Nadharie Llanes View Star Information
SAO#155679 - Darling Angel
I will never be behind in whatever you do. I will walk beside you to help you through!
2018-08-09 Amanda Pridgen View Star Information
SAO#6553 - Thanh Loc Duong
I wrote a letter to the star, it would not be brighter than you.
2018-08-10 Thanh Loc Duong View Star Information
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